Keechelus Ridge

Keechelus Ridge (5,151 ft)

Eric, David, Birkan, Julia

January 22, 2016

Keechelus Ridge is one of the few mountains near Seattle that you can count on to have a broken trail. This is because most of the route is on a popular groomed snowmobile trail. With snowy weather predicted, we thought this would be a good chance to get some mellow backcountry skiing in.

We started hiking up Sunday morning, with me towing my backpack and skis up in a sled, Birkan hiking up, and David and Julia skinning up in their backcountry skis. The road zig-zagged up the mountain, and we were passed occasionally by snowmobilers. By about 1pm we reached the end of the groomed trail at a big radio tower, and Birkan and I pushed a quarter mile farther along the ridge to tag the true summit.

On the way down Birkan made good use of the sled, while everyone else skied, for a fun decent back to the car.

Gold Mountain

Gold Mountain (1,761ft)

Eric Gilbertson

January 16, 2017

I headed out to the Olympic Peninsula on Monday and hiked about 4 miles up to the summit of Gold Mountain. There were great views of the Olympic Mountains just to the west, and an awesome lenticular cloud was forming on Rainier to the east, signaling the bad weather coming soon. I was the only one on basically the whole hike, and had no trouble reaching the summit.

Rampart Ridge (Attempt)

Eric Gilbertson

January 15, 2017

I headed out on I-90 on Sunday morning at parked in the Gold Creek sno-park near Snoqualmie Pass. This is an extremely popular place for snowshoers and snowmobilers. I hiked up the groomed snowmobile trail for a few miles, then ditched my skies and started bushwhacking through the deep snow in the woods. After a few more tiring hours I reached Lake Lillian, then climbed higher to the ridge above. The trail breaking had slowed me down, and it was close to sunset at the top of the ridge with the summit still far away, so I turned around early. I soon made it back to my skis and had a fun ski down back to the car.

Mt Hood

Mt Hood – 11,239ft

Eric and Katie

January 14, 2017

We drove down to Oregon Friday night and slept in the parking lot at Timberline Lodge. Saturday morning was sunny and we started hiking at sunrise carrying skis. We dropped the skis at the top of the lifts, and continued hiking up the south side route. There were about 40 other people on the mountain, and the view from the top was awesome. We skied all the way back down the the car arriving around 2pm, with plenty of time to drive back to Seattle.

Blowdown Mountain

Blowdown Mountain – 4,560ft

January 12, 2017

I left town at 1:30pm after work and was soon hiking up the Mt Si trail. I reached the base of Mt Si, but the scramble to the summit looked too icy to be safe. I changed to snowshoes, and continued breaking trail east along the ridge until I reached Blowdown Mountain at sunset. There were, not surprising for a wednesday night, no other people. I retraced my steps and was back to the car by 6:45pm.


Kendall Knob BC Ski

Kendall Knob #2 (4,720ft)

Eric, Aaron, Anna

January 7, 2016

We hiked up from Snoqualmie pass through the woods to the top of a small local maximum north of the ski resort. There were plenty of other backcountry skiers up there, and we summitted just before the bad weather rolled in. It was tricky skiing through the dense trees to get back to the car, but fun.