Mt Osceola Alpine Ice Climbing

Osceola Dog Leg Slide Alpine Ice Climbing

Kyle climbing one of the WI2 bulges

February 4, 2017
Eric, David, Kevin, Kyle, Mike, Ana, John, Donald, Greg, Nicholas

We parked at Greeley Ponds trailhead, and walked down the Kanc for 1 mile to the East Pond trailhead, which is currently unplowed. From here we hiked up the east pond trail until about a quarter mile beyond the stream crossing, then cut left into the woods near a large boulder on the right.

A bit of bushwhacking led us to the main slide, where we split up into four rope teams, two groups of three and two groups of two. After staggering our starts, there was plenty of room in the gully to accommodate all climbers.

The route was a bit snowy, so only had about 3 or four short pitches of WI2 or so ice, but we had fun climbing the snow in between and practicing mountaineer rope coils.

At the top of the climb we followed a secret trail to the summit of Osceola, then had fun glissading back to the cars. In all it was about a 10-hour round trip.

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