The Pinnacles

Looking out from Eagle’s Nest

The Pinnacles, Indian Fort Mountain, and Eagle’s Nest

Eric and Keith

November 23, 2017

We did a classic hike near Berea, Kentucky, one I’ve probably done at least 100 times, but it’s still always fun. We  hiked and scrambled up to the West Pinnacle for a great view of town, then traversed over to Indian Fort Lookout for more great views.  I did a quick side-trip from the lookout by scrambling down a 3rd-class ledge system to the base of a narrow slot canyon known as Fat Man’s Misery. After barely squeezing through, I then climbed up a 4th-class chimney system back to the lookout. After a short break we then hiked to Eagle’s Nest and scared away about 20 buzzards, and then looped back to the car.

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