Thompson Point

The cabin near the summit

Thompson Point (5,124ft)

Eric Gilbertson

November 5, 2017

I drove out into the mountains on a rainy, snowy Sunday morning, aiming to get up a below-treeline mountain. Thompson point is very close to Seattle, only 45 minutes away, and I started up the trail at 9am. It was raining at the trailhead, but soon changed to snow, which got deeper and deeper. For some reason I left the snowshoes in the car, and regretted this as I postholed through thigh-deep drifts.

After a few hours I reached the summit of Thompson Point, at the end of an old abandoned logging road. I considered going farther, but the parking lot had a gate that supposedly closed at dusk, so I didn’t want to get stuck. I stopped by at an interesting cabin near the summit, then made it back down to the car a few hours later, cold and soaked.

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